Mission Statement


Kansas Emergency Medical Services (EMS) shall be an out-of-hospital, acute healthcare system providing an established standard of care through the utilization of promising practices and oversight.


To protect and promote the welfare of the citizens of Kansas through the efficient and effective regulation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and to ensure that quality out-of-hospital care is available throughout the State.


1. Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) shall be performed on 100% of 911 medical calls.
2. A statewide, standard of care shall be established.
3. Medical Director roles and responsibilities shall be clearly defined.
4. An impaired provider program shall be available for referral.
5. All services providing acute medical care and/or transportation in an out-of-hospital setting shall be regulated by the Board of EMS.
6. All EMS providers expected to provide medical care to a patient shall be regulated by the Board of EMS.

Ratified on December 7, 2018.