Summary of Distribution

The Kansas Revolving and Assistance Fund (KRAF) was established by the passage of 2007 Senate Bill 8 by the Kansas Legislature and is funded through fines, penalties and forfeitures from court costs associated with the passage of this bill. The 2010 Legislature passed Senate Substitute for HB 2226, which increased fines assessed on traffic infractions, with KBEMS to receive 2.28 percent of this amount. The 2017 Legislature enacted SB 89 which reduced the percentage from 2.28% to 2.23%. The KRAF Grant Program is for Kansas Non-profit Licensed EMS Services to provide financial assistance based on demonstrated financial need. Funding is also recommended on the documented need of the specific item being requested. The primary goal of this program is to financially assist Non-profit Licensed EMS Services to purchase EMS equipment.
Priorities for Funding: Patient Care Equipment; and Patient Handling. Consideration will then be given to other requests on a case-by-case basis.

– Complete Listing Awarded KRAF thru FY 2023