Information Verification


The Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services Information Verification Webpage gives the KBEMS partners an ability to check the current status of the following information:

  • EMS provider certification in the State of Kansas.
  • Educator’s, i.e, Instructor/Coordinators certification status in the State of Kansas
  • Disciplinary Action status of an Provider
  • Continuing Education Courses and Initial Courses of instruction offered in the State of Kansas
  • Continuing Education Program Provider or Sponsoring Organization status in the State of Kansas
Who Can Use the KBEMS Information Verification?

It is open for public use. However, by using this application, you agree to follow the guidelines of the Kansas Open Records Act (Kansas Statute 45-221).

These records are made available by KBEMS to provide immediate access to information for the convenience of interested persons. This information is updated on a daily basis. It is the practice of KBEMS to obtain and verify information from the original source. KBEMS assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions, or for the use of information obtained from this site. If there is a need for supporting documentation, information can be requested under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA).

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