Naloxone Administration by EMT’s & EMR’s

Kansas HB 2217 authorizes the administration of Naloxone to patients believed to be at risk of
experiencing an opioid overdose by trained first responders, and provides for liability protection of
those who administer the medication in good faith and with reasonable care. Kansas Administrative
Regulations 109-3-3 and 109-3-4 authorize Kansas certified Emergency Medical Technicians and
Emergency Medical Responders to administer Naloxone to suspected opioid overdose patients via Auto
injector, Intramuscular (IM), or Intranasal (IN) administration routes provided the Kansas EMT and EMR
have received appropriate training and are authorized to perform these activities by a licensed physician
medical director.

The following link provides the approved medication lists for EMT & EMR:

EMT medication list – 109-3-4 approved by reference.pdf

EMR medication list – 109-3-3 approved by reference.pdf

The administration of Naloxone by the Kansas certified Paramedic or Advanced Emergency Medical
Technician via the Intravenous (IV), Intraosseous (IO), Intramuscular (IM), Intranasal (IN), or by
Autoinjector remains an authorized activity through existing statutes and regulations.

Kansas Board of Pharmacy Resources
The following types of resources and links concerning emergency opioid antagonists are available
on the Kansas Board of Pharmacy website at:

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Dispensing and Administration
  • Consumer Resources
  • Narcan® School Program
  • Instructions, Videos, and Apps
  • First Responder Agency Guidelines and Training
  • Pharmacist and Prescriber Education

    Naloxone Training
    As defined in KSA 65-6144, all Kansas certified EMS providers are required to receive appropriate
    training and operate under protocols approved by their licensed physician medical director. To assist
    with providing initial or refresher training associated with administration of Naloxone, the following
    links provide access to Naloxone training for EMR’s and EMT’s. The Kansas Board of EMS would like to
    extend our appreciation to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health EMS
    Section, for making these resources available to Kansas EMS for consideration in developing local
    training and protocol deliverables.

    Wisconsin Naloxone Training-EMR.pdf

    Wisconsin Naloxone Training-EMT.pdf

    PLEASE NOTE these are only made available as resources! We encourage all licensed EMS agencies and
    authorized first responder groups to develop appropriate training deliveries which meet local needs
    and authorized activities, and require local medical director approval for the scope of these activities!