Board Meetings

Kansas Board of EMS:  April 4th and 5th, 2019 Board and Committees Meetings

Committee meetings will be held on Thursday, April 4th. The Board will meet on Friday, April 5th. Both meetings will be at:

Landon State Office Bulding, Room 509
900 SW Jackson
Topeka, KS 66612


Committee format is standard time allocation:

Thursday, April 4th:
8:30 am:
Planning & Operations (P&O);
10:00: MAC Meeting
11:00 am: Executive Committee
1:30pm: Education, Examination, Training and Certification(EETC)
3:00 pm:  Investigations Committee  

Friday, April 5th
9:00 a.m.: 
General Board Meeting (Public)

  • Board Packet
  • Planning and Operations Committee Packet
  • MAC Packet
  • Education, Examination, Certification & Training Packet
  • Executive Committee Packet
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