K.A.R. 109-10-2. Long-term Accreditation of Training Programs Conducting Initial Courses of Instruction




Revision to the current regulation. This regulatory revision is necessary to require the annual submission of letters from the training program manager and training program medical director assuring and certifying all initial courses are in compliance with Kansas statutes and regulations. These changes also will assure that the training program manager and training program medical director are aware of their responsibility and that board staff has been advised of changes to these positions.

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Education, Training, Examination and Certification


Date Committee Status / Comments Version
September 18, 2012 ETEC Department of Administration Review Download PDF Current Version
August 2-3, 2012 ETEC

Committee review/recommendation. Board approval to initiate formal regulatory process.

Held from the June 2012 committee meeting.
Significant changes have been made to allow the long-term provider for initial courses only for CoA accreditation courses and programs. Other changes have been made to clean up language to make the regulation easier to understand.

Download PDF August Version
June 2012 ETEC

In preparation for discussion, and committee approval to begin regulatory process reference revisions post-public hearing.

This regulation is being reviewed due to a significant amount of public comment during a public hearing.

Download PDF June Version
02/01/2012 ETEC Public Hearing Original
11/22/2011 ETEC Introduced Download PDF


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