Kansas EMS Listserv

"kansas-ems" listserv is a communication tool for people who work in, with, or are interested in issues pertaining to Emergency Medical Services throughout Kansas.

To subscribe, Please read the listserv rules first:

Rule 1: Do not use the listserv for illegal purposes such as defamation, violation of intellectual property laws.

Rule 2: Do not intentionally interfere with or disrupt other members.

Rule 3: Commercial or entertainment use is prohibited:

  • No distribution of unsolicited advertising,
  • No chain letters,
  • No propagation of computer worms or viruses

Rule 4 : "Personal reflections" upon other members, no matter how serious their differences over issues, is prohibited. Common courtesy and respect, which excludes personal attacks or criticism, must be observed.

Rule 5: Communication Editors should be oriented towards Kansas EMS issues and standards, and not to the standards of other professions. Messages exhorting Listserv members to advocate for issues that are not EMS-related are not to be placed on the "kansas-ems" listserv, no matter how worthy the cause may be.

In addition to these rules, various standards have emerged within the culture of electronic list forums. By following these rules and standards, you will contribute to a climate that encourages trust and collegiality, and friendly, informative, and spontaneous discourse.

Some of the standards are:

Try to keep your messages concise and to the point.

If the rules noted above are broken, the following procedures are implemented:

1. Upon the 1st infraction and if the infraction is not serious (not harmful), we will warn the person, with a reminder of the rules, and an explanation of the violation.

2. Upon the 2nd infraction (or first but serious infraction), we will suspend the person from the List for six months. See Reinstatement policy below.

3. Upon the 3rd infraction (or second serious), we will indefinately suspend the person.

Reinstatement: After a six-month suspension, the person may request reinstatement to the List. Reapplication for listserv privileges will be made to the Administrator, who will confer with the Board staff. Reapplication does not guarantee reinstatement. If reinstated, the prior offenses will be disregarded, and the violation procedure will start again. If not reinstated, the rationale for the decision will be sent to the person.

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