The KRAF Grant Application process for Fiscal Year 2023 is now closed. For more of this grant opportunities, please check again here when the process for FY 2023 opens.



Kansas Revolving and Assistance Fund (KRAF) Grant Program

Application for Funds




The Kansas Revolving and Assistance Fund (KRAF) was established by the passage of 2007 Senate Bill 8 by the Kansas Legislature and is funded through fines, penalties and forfeitures from court costs associated with the passage of this bill.  The 2010 Legislature passed Senate Substitute for HB 2226, which increased fines assessed on traffic infractions, with KBEMS to receive 2.28 percent of this amount.  The 2017 Legislature enacted SB 89 which reduced the percentage of remitted fines, penalties, and forfeitures to the district court disbursed to the EMS revolving fund pursuant to K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 74-7336 from 2.28% to 2.23%.  The KRAF Grant Program is for Kansas Non-profit Licensed EMS Services to provide financial assistance based on demonstrated financial need.  Funding is also recommended on the documented need of the specific item being requested.  The primary goal of this program is to financially assist Non-profit Licensed EMS Services to purchase EMS equipment and assist in education and training of Kansas certified attendants. 

The KRAF Grant Program requires the grantee to submit a New Vendor Product Request Form to purchase the item/program through grantee’s vendor or grantee can use the VENDOR QUOTES available for cardiac monitors, automatic CPR devices, RAD-57, and stair chairs below.

Applicant must be a Kansas Non-profit Licensed EMS service in good standing (determined by KBEMS) and currently submitting data in KEMSIS or actively working toward submission.

Priorities for Funding
        Patient Care Equipment
        Patient Handling Equipment

Priority for funding may consider funding matches, but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis..

Ineligible Purchases

Funds will not be approved or disbursed for:  construction costs; vehicles; fire apparatus and/or equipment; daily operational costs such as expenses for electricity, gasoline or tires; extended warranties or service agreements.

Submission Instructions




Review Process

1.     Applications will be initially reviewed by KBEMS Staff for completeness.  Items will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the grant priorities for funding, i.e., requests will be reviewed to verify that Service has agreed to submit data via the Kansas Emergency Medical Services Information System (KEMSIS).  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2.     KBEMS will provide all documentation to the Assistance Review Committee (ARC) members for review.  The ARC will grade each request and prepare their proposal for approval.

3.     The ARC will provide comments and grades for each requested item and return this documentation to KBEMS.  Data is then entered into the office database for tabulation. The ARC will conduct a public meeting before the regular April KBEMS meeting to review the requests that received a viable funding grade. Information may be provided or requested concerning requests announced for funding from those attending the meeting.

4.     The Committee reserves the right to recommend a request be partially funded or to place a condition of funding on any award.

5.     A report of the requests that are recommended for funding will be submitted to the KBEMS Executive Director to be presented to the Full Board for ratification.

6.     Following the regular April KBEMS Board Meeting, KBEMS will mail written notification to those agencies who were approved for funding and those who were not approved.

7.    Those agencies receiving notice of awarded funds will be required to notify KBEMS of the acceptance of the award, submit the order for the equipment, and submit the invoice to KBEMS upon receipt of the equipment.  Once the equipment is received and KBEMS receives the invoice, KBEMS will issue a check to the service for the state portion of the grant award.


Application Documents

Vendor Quotes

Cots and Stair Chairs

Ferno -

Contact Kesha McCorkell – 816-266-5641 or

Stryker -

  • Power Pro XT and Stair-Pro: Contact Bryce Wheeler for quotes at 785-317-4917 or email


    Masimo - RAD-57 contact is Steve Conney – 303-818-8320 or

    Automatic CPR Devices

    Stryker -
  • LUCAS 3: Contact Bryce Wheeler for quotes at 785-317-4917 or email
  • Zoll
  • Contact Lori Rohling for quotes at 773-474-0916 or email

    EKG Monitors

    Ferno - Contact Kesha McCorkell for quotes 816-266-5641 or

    Philips - Contact Eric Achebach – 314-683-7288 or

    Philips Tempus Brochure 

    Stryker - Contact Bryce Wheeler for quotes at 785-317-4917 or email

    Zoll Contact Lori Rohling for quotes at 773-474-0916 or email