Change of room for April Meetings

February 25, 2013

This will effect our April Meeting. Our meeting will be in Room 509.

The Office of Facilities and Property Management is announcing the relocation of Conference Rooms 106 & 108 currently located on 1st floor of LSOB to the 5th floor of LSOB effective March 1, 2013.

Conference room 106 will become conference room 509.  Conference room 108 will become conference room 560.  The new conference rooms will have the same seating capacity and communications capabilities as the rooms currently have on 1st floor.

All conference room reservations remain, the only change is in the location.   Signs will be placed on the 1st floor of LSOB, directing visitors to the 5th floor.

The purpose for relocating the conference rooms to the 5th floor is preparing the space for a new tenant moving into the LSOB this fall.