Retro-Active Continuing Education

August 25, 2009

Retro-Active Continuing Education (KAR 109-5-5)

The process of Retro-Active Continuing Education is the need to have continuing education hours “approved” for a course which was not already approved by the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services. There are two (2) ways to seek approval for these courses.

Step 1. Click on the link to download the retro-active continuing education form.

Step 2. The attendant will need the signature of or the following documentation:

If you have a local medical director:

Option 1. Signature of the local medical advisor.

If you do not have a local medical director or you live out of state

Option 2. The attendant must match each subject to the DOT curriculum-

If you are choosing “Option 1”, proceed to “Step 7”:

If you are choosing “Option 2”, follow the steps listed below:

Step 3. Choose and click the appropriate course level of curricula you would like to match listed below:

****You do not need to print the curriculum****

First Responder Curriculum

EMT-B Curriculum

Paramedic Curriculum

Step 4. Depending on what kind of class you took click on the appropriate curricula that you are looking for.

Step 5. The DOT curricula will be the name of the Module

Step 6. The DOT lesson will be the lesson number

Step 7. The DOT objective will be the objectives that are listed under each module. Once located, all course “curricula” must be matched to the DOT curriculum,


Step 8. Once you will need to submit the following information in for approval:

· Application (along with signature of your medical advisor, or DOT curriculum match)

· A copy of your course completion certificate (does not need to be original)

· Objectives for each class you are submitting

Step 9. Send your application, certificate, and objectives to:

Kansas Board of EMS

900 SW Jackson St Suite 1031

Topeka KS 66612

Step 10. Please click the link to see a sample form of what your application should look like when you are done