How to gain Kansas certification from out of state.

September 14, 2009

Applicants who have taken a course outside of Kansas must have successfully completed a USDOT National Standard Curriculum course of instruction to qualify for Kansas certification. The course will be reviewed for equivalence to the Kansas enrichments and must be 90% equivalent.

Step 1.            Go to the KBEMS website and click the form Recognition of Non-Kansas Credentials.


Step 2.            Fill out Part I (of the form). Obtain a copy of your national registry or state card if you have one.

If you are certified in another state, fill out the top part of Page 8 (Verification of Certification Status)  and fax or mail it to that state. They will in turn send it to our office.

Step 3.           If you are not seeking a “Temporary Certification”, please move to Step 5.

Step 4.            If seeking Temporary Certification, mark “yes” to the question relating to temporary certification at the bottom of  page 2 of the form and also have page 3 completed.
The Temporary Certification will allow you to work for up to one year under the out of state card while obtaining permanent Kansas certification.

Step 5.            Fill out and send Part II of the form to the Instructor or Official that is representing the Initial Course program to verify successful completion of the course.

For the MICT level you will need the medical director’s signature as well.

Step 6.          Upon completion, the Initial Course program should forward the completed Part II to you.

– If you are an EMT-I, please proceed to Step 8

– If you are NOT an EMT-I, please proceed to Step 7


Step 7.          Pay the fee as listed below by check or money order made payable to: Kansas Board of EMS.

– First Responder $20

– EMT $50

– MICT  $65

Step 8.          The Applicant sends Part I, Part II, a copy of your certification card (if you have one), and the fee (no fee for EMT-I):

Kansas Board of EMS
900 SW Jackson, Suite 1031
Topeka, KS  66612
Attention: Chrystine Hannon

Step 9.          Once the application is received by the KBEMS office, KBEMS will determine equivalency to current Kansas  curriculum.

Step 10.       Once the equivalency is determined,  we will notify you if you have met the requirements.

                         If you are an EMT-I or do not possess a state or national registry card, you will receive testing materials. Once the test is taken:

     If you pass, you will receive results with Kansas certification.

     If you fail, you will be notified and need  to apply for practical retest exam.

If you have questions email